Space-themed Slots

Top 5 Space-themed Slots

Actual space travel is still available to very few cosmic tourists; but thanks to the video slots producers, space adventures and other galaxies are now possible in online gambling. This theme unfolds a whole lot of opportunities for designers and gameplay developers in the world of iGambling. 

The space-inspired slots are truly various because of the variety of space plots and characters.  

Checking out Top 5 space-inspired slots

Here’s a brief review describing the best slot machines dedicated to space travel, star wars and other cool cosmic stuff.  

1: Space Wars by NetEnt, 2013

Space Wars

This slot has become a classic of space-themed online gambling, released back in 2013 and still kicking. Players face five amusing alien characters in the gameplay. The combos are counted for 40 lines. During the course of the game, one can trace the evolution of the characters: first, they fall out on the reels as children and adults. The five-reel slot rotates against a backdrop of a galactic landscape. The most expensive symbol here is red crystal.  The slot’s RTP is cosmically high, 96.75 percent, which is, apart from its design and its story, is another reason for its popularity through the years.

2: Space Oddity by Spinmatic, 2020

This space slot, with its title taken after a famous David Bowie’s song, is a five-reel and 20 lines machine, offering some funny aliens as characters. Nine of these creatures appear on transparent reels rotating against the backdrop of a galaxy of passing comets. The wild symbol is a Red star It activates an additional random winnings multiplier with a value of x2 to x4. The symbol in the shape of a smoldering meteorite explodes on each occurrence and gives the players an instant payout. The slot has a very high RTP  of 97.12 percent.

3: Space Spins by Wazdan, 2019

Space Spins

When you play this slot, you feel like a space traveler sitting in the spaceship’s control room. There are six reels in the slot showing various gemstones of different colors. They make up winning combinations on 40 lines and often fall out in groups of several pieces in vertical order. At any time the slot’s Space Pile feature can be activated. As a result, at least one reel is guaranteed to be covered with a symbol of one kind. The gameplay includes a risk game with originally-developed mechanics. In order to win, you need to choose the right weapon to attack an alien opponent. Its RTP is pretty high, fixed at 96.66 percent. 

4: Rocket Stars by Evoplay, 2020

The game is set at some mysterious spaceport where a rocket is being built for an interplanetary journey. Severa funny sci-fi characters are working on its construction site. Progress in the construction of the rocket occurs each time as scatter, looking like a planet, pops up. Once the spaceship construction is completed, the player gets a number of free spins. The crew goes aboard the rocket and then blasts off into the sky. With each occurrence of the scatter, the number of remaining freespin is increased by one and an additional payout multiplier increases.

5: Galaxy Stars by Genesis Gaming, 2020

This five-reel and 20 lines space slot is another example of some space adventure gameplay. According to the gameplay, players must earn compoints, called Radcoin. These points can be used to activate bonuses. The slot’s symbols are spaceships, planets and other space-inspired icons. The sun acts as the wild symbol. At any time in the main mode on the reels can be added from three to six of these images. After the fall of the winning combo the NEXUS-produced multipliers are being activated. As a result an additional multiplier of x3, x5 or x8 is applied to the next spin.

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